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God of the Gaps

A theologian said, using God to explain what we don’t understand may lead to conflicts, but God viewed as creator of nature and its laws is better appreciated as science advances, revealing those laws. A good example is lightning, which was once considered God’s wrath but is now understood as the discharge of static electricity.

It’s amazing how similar are these two descriptions of creation that originated thousands of years apart and from such different philosophies. Of course the numbers on the bottom are very different, but perhaps they aren't the most important part of the message.

Comparison of the Big Bang and the bible's Genesis

There is only one Truth

Pope John Paul II explained that if scientific truth seems to contradict the truth of faith, the fault must be in our inadequate understanding of one or both, since there can be only one truth.

Science and Faith, when practiced by people of good will, are both sincere efforts to seek Truth, something that none of us can change but that all of us should value. Just as we see better with two eyes that view the world from slightly different prospectives, wisely combining Science and Faith may lead to a better society. Compatibility of science and faith.