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Video Lecture Descriptions

c  Relativity for Everyone

Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is often called the greatest scientific discovery ever made and even the greatest achievement of human thought.

This presentation compares Newton's theory of gravity to Einstein's and explains his brilliant insight: the Equivalence Principle. While the complex math of this theory is briefly described, we show that a simple expression, 2M/r, explains the salient features of black holes, the cosmic expansion equation, and the intriguing properties of time.

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Science & Faith - Lightening  Science & Faith

Dr Piccioni discusses why he feels science & faith are compatible. The topics include:
  • What is Science
  • The Strenghts & Weaknesses of Science
  • When Science & Faith Meet
  • Why Science & Faith are Compatible
  • Critique of "God is Unnecessary" says Stephen Hawking

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Can Life be Merely an Accident? DVD  Can Life be Merely an Accident?

presents what modern science has learned about the many conditions necessary for the existence of any form of life, and how likely it is that those conditions could occur accidentally.
  • Life is very special: what are the odds it arose by random chance?
  • How special is a viable universe?
  • Good planets are hard to fine - Why is Earth special?
  • How special is a genetic code?

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Journey to the Dark Side: Dark Matter & Dark Energy DVD
Journey to the Dark Side: Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Dr Piccioni discuses what we know, and what we don't know, about the Dark Side
  • 95% of the universe is invisible and mysterious.
  • What is Dark Matter and were did this stuff come from?
  • What is Dark Energy and what do virtual particles have to do with it?
  • Gravitational Lensing
  • What does the CMB say about our universe?
  • The evidence for Dark Energy and alternate theories

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Einstein for Everyone DVD  Einstein for Everyone

This is intended for Everyone, even those who fear physics or are allergic to math.
  • How did a young rebel, who seemed doomed to fail, overcome rejection to become the world’s most famous scientist in history and Time Magazine’s “Person of the Century”?
  • What do his theories really mean?
  • How do his discoveries impact our lives through DVDs, GPS, digital cameras, computers, and smarter energy?
  • How can his theories help us solve some of today’s most pressing challenges?
  • Principle of relativity
  • Time is Relative
  • Einstein says Gravity is the curvature of space/time
  • The odd Nobel Prize

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Einstein & Light DVD  Einstein & Light

  • What is light?
  • Atomic Fingerprints in Light
  • Gravity Bends Starlight
  • Red Shifts Open the Universe
  • Measureing Distance with Light
  • Einstein & Lasers

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   Our Place in the Universe

This talk tells the story of our universe and how humanity fits into the grand cosmic scheme.

Einstein said: "The most incomprehensible thing about our universe is that it is comprehensible." We humans claim to understand what lies beyond the most distant stars, what happened billions of years ago, and what will happen in the remote future.

We explore the most important things that science has discovered about our universe Then we will examine the remarkable way in which humanity fits into the grand scheme of existence.

Some of the topics covered are:
  •     What is "Our Universe" ?
  •     How Large, How Old ?
  •     How Much Does Our Universe Contain ?
  •     What is Everything Made Of ?
  •     What Are We Made Of ?
  •     Where Are We ?
  •     Why Earth is Special
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