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Albert Einstein, the obscure

Einstein failed more often and faced more rejection than nearly anyone. Only because he never gave up on himself and his dreams, did he eventually becoming the world most esteemed scientist.

Einstein's solution of the mystery of the Photoelectric Effect earned him celebrity and the Nobel Prize. He explained that light was composed of individual particles we call photons.

Einstein solves the mystery of the photoelectric effect and wins the Nobel prize.

An unknown patent clerk challanged established phsysics.

1905 was Einstein's Miracle Year. His 5 revolutionary papers that year changed forever our concepts of nature and rescued his career.

Einstein's celebrity and scientific accomplishments grew, ultimately making him the most famous scientist of all time.

Einstein becamse the most famous scientist of all time.

Time is relative because time runs slower in a moving system.

Einstein suggested this “thought experiment.” Imagine two perfect clocks, each composed of a single photon bouncing between two parallel mirrors. Place the right clock in a fast moving jet, while the left clock sits on Earth’s surface....

Dr. Piccioni comparing Newton's Laws and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.

Comparing Newton's Laws with Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.