Feynman Lectures Simplified 4A: Math for Physicists

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Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

Feynman Lectures

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4A: Math for Physicists

Chapters 12 & !3 of Feynman Math for Physicists cover differential and integral calculus. Knowing how to differentiate and integrate is a survival skill for physicists.

These chapters are free for you to download in PDF format. To download, click here and Enjoy!

Feynman Lectures Simplified 4A: Math for Physicists is available at Amazon.com as an ebook, and now also in print format.

Table of Contents

  1. Trigonometry
    Sin(2x), sin(x+y), sin(x)cos(y)

  2. Coordinate Systems
    Rectangular 2D, 3D. polar: 2D, 3D, cylindrical

  3. Numbers
    Integers to Complex

  4. Advanced Algebra
    Quadratic equations, polynomials, roots, factoring, factorials

  5. Dimensional Analysis

  6. Exponentials
    Sinh, cosh

  7. Infinite Series
    Bessel function

  8. Approximation Techniques
    Taylor series, Interpolation & Extrapolation

  9. Probability & Statistics
    Distributions, binomial distributuion, exponential value, standard deviations, combinations & permutations

  10. Rotations & Coordinate Transformations

  11. Vector Algebra
    Right hand rule, Polar vs. Axial

  12. Differential Calculus
    Partials, higher order

  13. Integral Calculus
    Definite and indefinite, ∫ by parts

  14. Advanced Calculus
    Line, Surface & Volume Integrals, Variations

  15. Transforms & Fourier Series

  16. Tensor Calculus

  17. Linear Differential Equations

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