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Dr. Edwin C. Krupp,
Astronomer & Director of Griffith Observatory

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Dr. E.C. Krupp,  director of the Griffith Observatory

Dr. E.C. Krupp is an American astronomer and has been the director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles since 1974. He first joined the Griffith Observatory in 1970, working as a part-time Planetarium Lecturer, and upon completion of his graduate degree, was appointed Curator in 1972. He is now recognized internationally as an expert on ancient, prehistoric, and traditional astronomy, and has visited nearly 1800 ancient and prehistoric sites throughout the world, regularly leading field study tours to exotic locations that have astronomical and archaeological interest.

Dr. Krupp is the author and editor of several books on the celestial component of human belief systems, and has written several astronomy books for children. He is a contributing editor with a monthly column in Sky & Telescope magazine; frequent lecturer and veteran leader of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension field study tours.

Image #1

Ancient observatory at New Grange Ireland

Image #2

Entrance to New Grange

Image #3

New Grange Stone Marker

Image #4

Alignment of New Grange at winter soltice

Image #5

Sun entering New Grange at winter soltice

Image #6

Griifith Observatory at night

Image #7

Part of "The Big Picture" at Griffith Observatory




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