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Dark Energy: It's Most of What's Out There

 What is this mysterious form of energy that dominates our universe and will control its fate?

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Image #1

Expansion rate of our universe has changed from 11 billion years ago (on the right) to today (on the left). It has increased from 6 billion years ago to today, as Dark Energy is accelerating the expansion. Data come from Type Ia supernovae seen by Hubble Space Telescope.

Expansion is Accelerating

CMB: First Ligth of the Universe

Image #2

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation shows very early universe was extremely uniform.

Image #3

Empty space (vacuum) has energy and negative pressure due to quantum mechanics. This may be the Dark Energy that’s is ripping our universe apart.

Empty Space (vacuum)

CMB Analysis

Image #4

Analysis of the CMB tells us a great deal about our universe. Normal matter is less than 5% of its total energy.









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