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Did Scientists on '60 Minutes'
Lie about Cold Fusion? 

Steve Krivit, Editor of New Energy Times, discusses improper manipulation of cold fusion data and stresses the true potential of a new and exciting, alternative energy technology: LENR.

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Image from CBS 60 Minutes website about their story hyping cold fusion.
Image from CBS 60 Minutes website story hyping cold fusion.

Cold Fusion scientists claims
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Cold Fusion scientists claimed they fused deuterium nuclei, producing helium and releasing vast heat energy, through an unidentified process that even at low temperatures can overcome the natural repulsion of positive charges.
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The remarkable new Widom-Larsen theory of LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, explains how nuclear-scale energy can be produced without invoking any new laws of physics or any new and undedicated particles or forces. Electrons and protons combine through collective electromagnetic effects making low energy neutrons that easily initiate nuclear reactions; being neutral they are not repelled by nuclei.

LENR, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Steve Krivit New Energy Times website

Lewis Larsen, Lattice Energy website









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