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Dr. Reese Halter, Conservation Biologist


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The World of Honeybees

Dr. Reese Halter explains the crisis facing honeybees and how much our food supply depends on this amazing creature that is more complex than a star or galaxy.

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Energy and the Environment

Together with conservation biologist Dr. Reese Halter, we explore the deplorable way mankind generates energy, with 19th century technology, and its impact on a vital part of the cosmos - Earth.

Dr Reese Halter, conservational Biologist

Dr Reese Halter is a public speaker, conservation biologist and founder of the international conservation institute Global Forest Science.

He is the recipient of the President's Distinguished Service Award from Humboldt State University for his inimitable leadership in conservation biology and the Gold Medal Award for Conservation from the Daughters of the American Revolution for his outstanding environmental awareness achievements throughout the United States of America and the Western Hemisphere.

Learn more about  Dr Halter on his website: DrReese


Dr Halter's latest book is
The Incomparable Honey Bee.

The Incomparable Honey Bee









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