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May 17, 2010 Newsletter

The Lies about Cold Fusion and the Truth about Green Energy via LENR

Do you think all scientists are honorable scholars in pursuit of truth? Think again! Unfortunately, some are just as corrupt and self-serving as the worst scoundrels in many other fields.

You will enjoy my newest radio show that airs today: “Did Scientists on ’60-Minutes’ Lie about Cold Fusion". Steve Krivit, editor of The New Energy Times, exposes the misrepresentations by Cold Fusionists who were featured on that ’60-Minutes’ show. You’ll hear how, for selfish aims, they interfered with a major breakthrough in developing green energy, LENR, which promises cheap, clean, and abundant energy that will not harm the environment. Access the show through my website

In April, 2009, CBS’s ’60-Minutes’ broadcast “Cold Fusion is Hot Again” featuring scientists claiming to have achieved nuclear fusion at room temperature, fusing deuterium and releasing vast amount of energy. Rather than substantiating these extravagant claims with scientific evidence, they showed a fancy animated video of deuterium atoms happily bouncing together, fusing into helium. CBS enthusiastically extolled the tremendous breakthroughs made by these Cold Fusionists, who have long been rejected by mainstream science.

Nuclear fusion is nature’s way of making energy—it’s what stars do. Since fusion is millions of times more efficient and less polluting than burning coal and gas, finding a practical fusion technology is the holy grail of energy research. The problem is all nuclei have positive electric charges that strongly repel one another. Stars overcome this “Coulomb” barrier because their core temperatures are tens of millions of degrees—not very practical here on Earth. Cold Fusionist claim to overcome the Coulomb barrier at low temperatures (hence the word “cold”), but have no coherent explanation for why their “magical” devices defy basic physical laws.

I responded to the ’60-Minutes’ show in a piece called “Cold Fusion’s No Better Reheated”, and received a deluge of hate mail. There are some pretty nasty folks out there with their own agendas who have no interest in rational discussion.

In March 2010, Steve Krivit reversed his long-standing support for Cold Fusion and announced that he found major misrepresentation of experimental data by some of the scientists featured by ’60-Minutes’. Krivit explains how some scientists managed to monopolize government research funding, control conferences presentations, and suppress publications by scientists with different ideas. All this interfered with advancing the much more promising LENR technology.

I did a radio show on LENR in November with Lewis Larsen of Lattice Energy, its principal driving force.

While Cold Fusion requires “magic”—new particles or forces yet unknown to science—LENR combines known science in a unique and extremely clever way, with no need to invoke magic. LENR promises to deliver vast amounts of clean energy through a combination of electric, weak, and strong interactions. The key step in LENR is producing low-energy neutrons, which can enter a nucleus without resistance since they have no electric charge. By repeatedly adding neutrons, LENR can enable reactions similar to nuclear fusion, but at low temperatures and without harmful radiation. The same stupendous amount of energy, millions of times more than burning fossil fuels, can be produced without expensive reactors or radioactive waste, and with virtually no pollution or greenhouse gases.

The LENR theory seems entirely consistent with all known science, and has been favorably reviewed by NASA. If it can be commercialized, LENR will change everything—we could stop bankrupting our economy and poisoning our planet. LENR will be far cheaper than solar or wind power. We could drastically reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and have virtually unlimited, virtually free energy for everyone. The U.S. could stop sending $400 billion dollars a year overseas to often hostile countries, some of which ends up funding terrorists.

Every new technology faces challenges, but LENR’s enormous potential certainly justifies the very modest investment it requires—less than we spend on oil in a single day!

For the record, and contrary to some hate mail, I have no financial relationship with either Cold Fusion or LENR. But, if stock in a good LENR company becomes available, I’m going for it.

Best Regards,

Author of "Everyone's Guide to Atoms, Einstein, and the Universe" and "Can Life Be Merely An Accident?"

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