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Feynman Simplified

Feynman Simplified
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Feynman Simplified
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Feynman Simplified
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Now in both print and ebook formats, Feynman Simplified gives mere mortals access to the fabled Feynman Lectures on Physics.

As a Caltech undergraduate, I had the amazing opportunity to learn physics directly from the greatest scientist of our age. He had an uncanny ability to unravel the most complex mysteries, reveal the key underlying principles, and provide a profound understanding of nature. I absorbed all I could. His style and enthusiasm were as important as the facts and equations.

Professors of the highest rank typically only teach an occasional upper-level graduate class; they rarely teach undergraduates. But Feynman saw that the traditional pulleys-and-capacitors undergraduate physics classes didn’t well prepare students for modern physics.  Therefore, he created a whole new curriculum and personally taught Caltech’s freshman and sophomore physics classes in the academic years 1961-62 and 1962-63.

It’s a great shame that so many had so much difficulty with the original course. The biggest problem was that so much challenging material flew by so quickly. Everyone who took these classes agreed that Feynman’s lectures were like “sipping from a fire hose.” 

I hope to help change that and bring Feynman’s genius to a wider audience.

For those who have struggled with the Big Red Books, and for those who were reluctant to take the plunge, Feynman Simplified is for you.

Feynman Simplified makes Feynman’s lectures easier to understand without watering down his brilliant insights. There is a  review of key concepts at the end of each chapter, and another at the end of each eBook, to help focus attention on what matters most. Problem sets (with answers) are also provided for those wishing to exercise their new knowledge.

Feynman Simplified is self-contained; you don’t need to go back and forth between this book and The Feynman Lectures on Physics. But for those who wish to read both, I provide references to Feynman’s books.

There is no better way to truly learn physics than from a truly great physicist. Feynman taught us more than just physics — he taught us how to think like a physicist.

Many major discoveries have been made in the last 50 years; Feynman Simplified augments and modifies his lectures as necessary to provide the best explanations of the latest developments. Links to additional information on many topics are included.

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See all the books in the
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