Our Universe 4: Mysteries of the Cosmos

Our Universe 4:
of the Cosmos

Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.

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In this book we explore great cosmic mysteries still beyond the reach of established science:
  •     What came before our universe?
  •     How was our universe created?
  •     Is our universe all that exists?
  •     If not, what lies beyond?
  •     Are there other universes?
  •     Is the origin of life inevitable or miraculous?
    We may never have objective evidence to definitively answer any of these questions. Nonetheless, they remain some of the most intriguing mysteries of our existence, and merit thoughtful consideration.


Russian-American physicist Andre Linde independently conceived the theory of Eternal Inflation. In Linde’s theory, quantum fluctuations, such as the one that created our universe, are continually occurring and creating new universes in various locations, at various times, as illustrated above. All these individual universes exist within a larger, all-encompassing entity: the multiverse.

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Our Universe 4:
of the Cosmos

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