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Peek Into a Black Hole

What exactly are Black Holes?
Are they nature's ultimate destructive force,
or the path to eternal existence? Are they both?

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Sketch of Black Hole

Cygnus A Black Hole

Image #1

Sketch of a black hole showing the two parts: the central Singularity that contains all the mass; and the surrounding Event Horizon that is the boundary between our universe and oblivion.

Image #2

The real black hole in Cygnus A lies within the white dot in the center, which is the accretion disk. Two jets emanate from its north and south magnetic poles and span 3,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles.

Black Hole illustration
Rocket to a black hole
Image #3

NASA illustration of a black hole, on the left, consuming a companion star shown in red. The black hole is surrounded by an accretion disk and has jets shooting out along its magnetic poles.

Image #4

Sir Roger Penrose's plan to extract unlimited clean energy from a rotating black hole. An orbiting society sends a rocket that loops around the black hole and dumps their trash at the event horizon. The rocket returns with more kinetic energy than it began with, which is easily converted to useful work energy.









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