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Einstein and GPS

a World Without Einstein Series

How did the man who couldn’t find his keys make the
discoveries that enable all of us to know where we’re going?

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World Without Einstein

Image #1

GPS works by measuring your distance to the known positions of satellites. This relies on measuring time very precisely.

Einstein and GPS - how does GPS work?

Einstein and GPS - Gravitational time dilation

Image #2

Einstein said time is relative—it flows at different rates depending on speed and distance to massive objects, like Earth.

Image #3

Einstein said light rising against gravity loses energy— its frequency decreases. Thus, time runs faster at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa than at the bottom.

Einstein and GPS - gravitational redshift

Einstein and GPS - Gravitational time dilation

Image #4

List of size of time dilation (slowing) at some locations due to certain massive bodies. We are all connected by gravity.

Image #5

Applications of GPS that affect all our daily lives.

Einstein and GPS - GPS Applications





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