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Einstein Proves Atoms Do Exist

a World Without Einstein Series

 For 2500 years scientists argued about whether or not atoms really did exist.  Finally, an unknown patent clerk provided definitive proof—his name was Albert Einstein.

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World Without Einstein

Image #1

If we had a powerful microscope and looked deeply inside a wire, would it look just like wire, smooth and continuous, or would we see it was made of small discrete parts linked together? Democritus called these parts "atomos", Greek for uncuttable.

Atomic Debate

Mystery of Brownian Motion

Image #2

Botanist Robert Brown saw pollen grains continually jittering for no apparent reason—it was a mystery for 80 years.

Image #3

Einstein solved the mystery, showing the motion was caused by unseen atoms, and he derived the diffusion equation that allowed the mass and size of atoms to be measured for the first time.

Einstein's Hypothesis

Xenon Atoms

Image #4

Now we can image individual atoms. The blue dots are xenon atoms imaged by an atomic force microscope by a famous corporation.









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