Stephen Hawking is Wrong saying: “God is Unnecessary”




Famed British cosmologist Stephen Hawking is now in the U.S. promoting his new book in which he claims to prove that “God is Unnecessary.”


While his prior books seemed to support a Creator, Hawking now declares that our universe exists by random chance, that there was no Creator and no explanation or purpose for our lives.



The real truth is there’s no scientific evidence for Hawking’s nihilistic claims.


I see all the same facts and reach a completely different conclusion.


Science proves that we are the most remarkable wonder in the universe, made of the rarest and most precious ingredients, living on a incredible planet, orbiting an ideal star that was born in the right place at the right time, in a marvelous galaxy, and in a universe precisely tuned to make life possible.


As my book “Can Life Be Merely An Accident?” shows, life is more complex and more exquisitely designed than anything we have discovered in the vastness of space.


I prove that Life arising by random chance, as Hawking claims, is absurdly improbable—less likely than drawing the ace of spades 100,000 times in a row.


I am a well-credentialed scientist: I have a B.S. in physics from Caltech, a Ph.D. in high-energy physics from Stanford University, and was on the research faculty of Harvard University. I now teach “mature” adults at the Osher Institute and was voted “Teacher of the Year”. I am a public speaker, online radio host, and expert on cosmology and Einstein’s theories.


I am also the author of two award-winning popular science books. The Amazon ratings for my books are higher than Hawking’s.


I’ve been a featured guest on over 80 radio shows. I would be pleased to to discuss why Hawking is wrong with your radio audience.


Robert L. Piccioni, Ph.D.